Our team

We are an experienced team specialized in the development of creative communications and branding strategies.

  • Joannie Denault Partner, Co-Head of Strategy

    Creativity applied to finding unexpected links in the most unusual places. Grounded in a business perspective, interpreting cultural cues to better understand where industries are going and finding out the next opportunities. Endless curiosity and “what if” mentality.

  • Fanny Chabot Partner, Co-Head of Strategy

    Creativity applied to storytelling. Crafting the perfect narrative to maximize business and human capital. The art and science of words, combined with an intuitive approach. After leading brand strategies in advertising agencies, she is now creating new strategic services.

  • Claudia Milord Partner, General Manager

    The beauty of creative building—from brands to teams to solid relationships with her partners and clients. With a background also built on years of communications experience, she knows that exceptional brand strategy will bring value to her clients’ notoriety, as well as their bottom line. With leadership skills as positive as they are effective, she’s a driving force behind her team and the success of the projects.