15 November, 2017

Nature & Chill

And if the height of entertainment was right there, before your very own eyes?

As the media platforms multiply and the content becomes more and more surprising, amusing and moving, others choose to enjoy slowness by putting nature in the limelight.

Peter Freedman recently produced Baa Baa Land, an eight-hour film that follows sheep in their daily lives. No plot, no narration, no story… only sheep. A form of meditative film production called “slow cinema.”

In the same vein, the Knottnkino, created in 2000, is an open-air movie theatre located in the heart of nature on Mount Sasso Rosso, Italy, which offers the opportunity to enjoy an incredible film that renews itself according to the seasons: nature itself.

When people spend dozens of hours in front of the screen every day, it is not surprising that they find solace in this new form of natural entertainment.