15 November, 2017

Congratulations to Hertel, who wins a Strat Award!

Until very recently, the world of household products was largely influenced by a slightly outdated image of the “housewife under 50.” With the new generation of consumers, the concepts of femininity, masculinity and parenthood have been significantly redefined. We had an opportunity to demonstrate that the brand understood this new reality by addressing untapped themes in the category. Hertel decided to clean up the stereotypes with #AllsGoodWithDad. It is by celebrating, without complacency, the reality of new dads’ lives that Hertel has managed to seduce new parents – a way to demonstrate the modernity of a brand celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Congratulations to our audacious clients at Hertel for their Strat Award in the Best Brand Revitalization category presented at the Grands Prix Marketing on October 11th. A creative strategy built in collaboration with Alfred Communications.